Thursday, February 19, 2015

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival - Inspired Nail Art

Hi dolls and gents,

It may appear to you that I have neglected my blog for a couple months and for that I humbly apologize. I assure you that the short pause was greatly needed and 2015 with great dedication you will be updated with what's going on with Kerly's Artistic Nails and this nail talk adventure, where "Letting Your Nails Do The Talking" remains the number one motto.

Today's nail talk displays the most significant event in my country, Trinidad and Tobago's tourism and cultural calender.

This annual event held on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday is known for it's exuberant celebrations and the various unique and creatively colorful costumes worn by

Let's Talk Nails!

With the constant change in nail art trends you will definitely see bright colored, glittered and blinged out nails during this season. I also like using mixed media techniques to have my dolls uniquely designed to match their costumes

However, not everyone can rock that bold nail talk due to their working environment or even their persona, but that doesn't stop them from having a bit of Trinbago Carnival nail talk in even neutral shades.

Nail Art Display!

As a part-time nail technician much dedication and love goes into creating fantasy themed nail art during these exciting seasons. I must say I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to executing these ideas exploding in my mind. 

I've never created a 3d acrylic male character before and to be honest this handsome guy was to be another female inspired carnival character but while sculpting the face it came to me like an epiphany and boy was I in love with the outcome.

What is Carnival without the embellishment and the fit and sexy wearing revealing costumes?

The showcase of many costumes by our talented yet creative Trinbagonians?

The visiting tourist experiencing the islands mas?

The beautiful people of our island?

Let's just say it won't be an exciting one for most if not all participants.

 As the short season ends, Carnival Tabanca hits you after the Ash Wednesday cool down and as exciting as the experience may have been....


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