Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"DOPE" Nail Art Pictorial - DIY Nail Art Design

Hi Dolls and Gents,

Just a quick step by step pictorial of my "DOPE" Nail Art Design.


DOPE - Nail Art Pictorial

Polish nail in a color of your choice - it doesn't have to be black. Be Creative ;) 

Use your nail art brush to draw a brick like pattern as seen in the photo.
 (If using a lighter background, use black to draw the pattern)

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Polish/Paint the word "DOPE" or any word that can fit on the nails in upper-case.
Don't be afraid to Express Yourself ;)

Using colors of your choice polish over the letters in no particular style.
(Colorful nails make me happy. lol)

Lastly using black polish/paint outline your letters and add a bit of highlighting effect using your white polish to outline the inside.
(using a lighter shade of the base color can also work)

"DOPE" Pictorial as seen on the above design by Kerly's Artistic Nails.

Tried It?

 Don't be afraid to add your own twist and tag me so I can see the various designs you'll created using this pictorial. ;)



  1. U are verry talented! !. May i ask; do you use a topcoat. A geltopcoat or a clear gel to seal your design ?

    1. Thank you dear. I'm using a dry fast topcoat by Mia Secret at the moment.