Friday, August 22, 2014

Emilio Ramos Inspired Nail Art

The first time I saw Emilio Ramos work on Instagram it was a done deal; I had to try his design on my clients and boy oh boy without a doubt they fell in love as well.

I shared earlier this year my twist of Minnie Mouse inspired by Emilio's Art and if you missed it don't worry here's a link Emilio Ramos - Minnie Mouse Inspired Nails

To be honest I was a bit weary and couldn't sleep one night and decided to go polish some display art. Thinking that would solve my dilemma, I sat by my desk and for the love of God I could not decide what character I wanted to try.

I turned to my Instagram and on looking at my last post which was in fact a design I did on my nails also inspired by Emilio and immediately went searching on his Instagram lol (I'm no lurker thou) upon which I saw a portrait design of himself and said to myself; "maybe I should give this a try".

And you know What? That I did.

To view the pictures I used as my Inspiration you can find Emilio Ramos on Instagram @emilio_ramos

I must admit I was satisfied with the way his portrait came out.

Here's a picture of the inspired Emilio Ramos design I did on my nails 

 Hope you all enjoyed.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sonic The Hedgehog - Trinidad and Tobago Cartoon Nail Art Twist

Hey Dolls and Gents,

Today's cartoon mani inspired by Sonic The Hedgehog as well as the athletes of Trinidad and Tobago that continuously raise our flag high as they push for great results in their ongoing games.

As our Independence celebration 31st August draws near, I'm still working on a fantasy nail art mural to display some T&T Pride but in the meanwhile our athletes have been doing a great job in their track and field championships and I just felt like doing a quick mani and who better than the speedy Sonic.

Sonic representing - Sweet Trinbago 

Where I'm From. Trinidad and Tobago

 Continue to display those 3 colors up high.