Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Abbott and Costello Cartoon Show - Nail Art

Hi Loves!

Hope you all are having a beautiful day. I must apologize for my lack of commitment an not posting as regular as I promised.

I'm having the hardest time thou, completing my list of favorite cartoons; when I think I'm done something happens in my daily life that reminds me of a character or cartoon I forgot to mention; must I add that if you're an 80's or 90's baby like myself we had the most funniest cartoons of all generations. Sorry!! If you don't agree.

Today's Mani feature includes these two funny characters from The Abbott and Costello Cartoon Show. Although for some reason when I see or think of these two I can't help but yell Heeey Abbott!! in my mind the way Costello did.

Here's the ever so timid yet playing brave Abott and Costello inspired cartoon nail art design.

The ever so timid Costello

Abbott always has to warn Costello about his actions

Hope you all enjoyed



  1. Great Job! Love your nail designs brings back childhood memories.
    Keep up the good work.