Friday, July 18, 2014

"Get High, Get Stupid, Get AIDS" - Ad Council Inspired Nail Art

In thinking of a throw back cartoon I decided to have a more serious nail talk with you dolls and gents from this advertisement that would always show while I was watching Sesame Street. (or some other cartoon on local television)

 Janine and Barry surely had my interest with their screaming "What About AIDS?"

I sure do remember as a child I did not want to get whatever they were scared of and that mindset has not changed. It's a bit disappointing that they don't show ads like this anymore for today's younger generation and generations to come. 

Although there are various mediums that raise awareness to HIV/AIDS I think ads like these should continue at the intermissions of cartoons kids are so addicted to watching. 

Hey! Let's get to those pics. Huh!

"Get High, Get Stupid, Get AIDS" - Janine and Barry

For those who may have forgotten or never saw the ad in today's inspired throw back mani


What's your position? 

Get Tested!


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