Friday, July 18, 2014

"Get High, Get Stupid, Get AIDS" - Ad Council Inspired Nail Art

In thinking of a throw back cartoon I decided to have a more serious nail talk with you dolls and gents from this advertisement that would always show while I was watching Sesame Street. (or some other cartoon on local television)

 Janine and Barry surely had my interest with their screaming "What About AIDS?"

I sure do remember as a child I did not want to get whatever they were scared of and that mindset has not changed. It's a bit disappointing that they don't show ads like this anymore for today's younger generation and generations to come. 

Although there are various mediums that raise awareness to HIV/AIDS I think ads like these should continue at the intermissions of cartoons kids are so addicted to watching. 

Hey! Let's get to those pics. Huh!

"Get High, Get Stupid, Get AIDS" - Janine and Barry

For those who may have forgotten or never saw the ad in today's inspired throw back mani


What's your position? 

Get Tested!


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bob Marley Nail Art Design

I don't want to wait in vain for your love.

From the very first time I bless my eyes on a silhouette painting of Bob Marley I saw online I knew I had to indulge in yet another tribute design for this positive vibration legend.

If you've missed the previous design I did on my nails you can click this link and have a quick peek Bob Marley Tribute - Inspired Bob Marley Nails

I won't ramble about all my preparation and during the design experience because I actually didn't have such a difficult time doing this nail art mural; I enjoyed the process as I sat by my desk for a few hours while listening a couple of my favorite Bob Marley tunes. I know! I know! I said no rambling.

Here are a few pics of my Bob Marley Inspired Silhouette Nail Art Mural

 Hope you all enjoyed this beautiful set as much as I do.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Abbott and Costello Cartoon Show - Nail Art

Hi Loves!

Hope you all are having a beautiful day. I must apologize for my lack of commitment an not posting as regular as I promised.

I'm having the hardest time thou, completing my list of favorite cartoons; when I think I'm done something happens in my daily life that reminds me of a character or cartoon I forgot to mention; must I add that if you're an 80's or 90's baby like myself we had the most funniest cartoons of all generations. Sorry!! If you don't agree.

Today's Mani feature includes these two funny characters from The Abbott and Costello Cartoon Show. Although for some reason when I see or think of these two I can't help but yell Heeey Abbott!! in my mind the way Costello did.

Here's the ever so timid yet playing brave Abott and Costello inspired cartoon nail art design.

The ever so timid Costello

Abbott always has to warn Costello about his actions

Hope you all enjoyed