Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Flintstones - Cartoon Nail Art Design

Let's take it back today for a bit of transformation Mani and what dedication and believing in your craft can do as an artist. 
If you're following me on Instagram I've shared this pic a couple weeks ago but had to blog about it this week because one too many time(s) nail artist ask for the "How to?" without even trying for themselves.

I've never been to art school nor have I taken any nail art courses for all those that have asked or if you were among those afraid to ask and may assume I have. I eat, sleep and talk nail art; let's just say I have a fascination, a tad bit obsession some may say for nail art. Don't judge me. lol

As as artist, only you know what you want to accomplish. KEEP PUSHING yourself until you get the results you're looking for.
I can only speak for myself as I share my journey and progress with you and I must say with all those sleepless nights I let my nails do the talking.

Do not be intimidated or hesitate to try that design you've always wanted but thought it was too hard. 
So what? 
Even if it's hard the more you practice the better and easier it'll become for you. I guarantee you'll even discover a technique that suits your style.

You can do it too. No Excuses.

Design below done a year ago. (photo on top to date [2014])

Do I need to persuade you into the habit of loving what you do and making every free time you have worth getting a better result?

Here's the rest of the Flintstones Cast all hand painted using Kleancolor Lacquer Nail Polishes and detailing done with my favorite Kiss Nail Art in black and white.

I thank God daily for these hands he's blessed me with and the ability to be creative. I cannot take credit or at least all the credit for the growth you've seen. I do however, believe God has blessed each and every one of us with a gift and then there are many of us with talents also. (don't mix up the two) Both grow in effectiveness with use.

Have a positive attitude when you're at the designing table and just enjoy the process.


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