Friday, June 6, 2014

Cookie Monster - Sesame Street Nail Art (I)

Hi dolls and gents,

Today's mani inspired design is by my favorite Monster, who always seem to have the munchies for some Cookies. Yum yum!

I've always wanted to do a cookie(s) themed nail art. Why shouldn't I? I've been called Cookie from birth and 27 years later let's say that won't change; thanks to that elderly lady who saw me as a baby and like my mom told me she said I was just a cute little Cookie lol (she had great eyes if you ask me for an old lady). hehehe

Anyways, in wanting to do my cookie theme nails immediately I thought to myself. 'Why not include a cartoon character that loves Cookies?' I did not have to think or search far for that answer, I mean Cookie Monster has been apart of my growing up; (all of ours) we've all got to thank Sesame Street for that.

I did attempt to do Cookie Monster on my nails over a year now and maybe I will share a picture of it to the end of this blog, I also designed a set of Cookie Monster theme nails and one of my spoil clients loved it and a year later she decided that we were going to try and duplicate that same design on her nails.

Here is the set of nails I designed an the pictures I used for reference.

Have you gotten out of your seat for that Cookie in the jar yet? 
Don't go just yet; or if you can make it back in a quick second to view the duplicated set I did on my client, maybe you can take a Cookie break. :) 

Thumbs up if you've managed to get back within that second (well the nails are pointing down but you know) 

Omm Nom Nom Nom!
Before I leave cookie crumbs all over my desk I'll leave you'll with a few more pics including the design I did on my own nails as promised.

"Sometimes Me Think, 'What is Friend?' and then me say, 'Friend is someone to share the last cookie with.'" Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster Design I Did On My Nails.

Hope you all enjoyed the sweet treat. 


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