Tuesday, March 11, 2014

SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Nail Art Design

Hey dolls and gents,

Today's Mani Talk was inspired by a set of SpongeBob SquarePants nail art designs I did last year for my display chart.

Spongebob nail art display I did in 2013

Seeing nails as a display and having the said nail art on a clients nails to me brings life to any nail art design.

Sometimes it's nice that viewers can get both looks just to compare growth as an artist and to me I enjoy the challenge I get from designing a set and using it as inspiration to design my clients nails.

I must say that these pics came out beautifully as was I wowed by Sponge bobs many facial expression.
I must confess I too am stunned at times with the finishing results after designing clients nails.

Here are the many expressions of Spongebob and I did not forget his bestie Patrick this time; so he too was included in the design.
Isn't he the cutest.

SpongeBob and Patrick
Love my clients she bought me a sponge bob ornament for my car

Faces of SpongeBob and Patrick

Clients view of her SpongeBob and Patrick Nails 

SpongBob SquarePants and Patrick Nail Art Design
Hope you dolls and gents enjoyed this mani as much as my client and I did.  :)

Feel free to leave any comments or inspired nail art designs you may want me to try.


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