Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Garbage Pail Kids (TV Series) Nail Art

For those of you that never watched this cartoon series, you're just a tad bit young or due to controversial themes it was not aired in most states (United States).

Trinbagonians however, would have watched a couple series if not all before it was replaced with Muppet Babies.

I'm a bit late on posting these on the blog but here's to an early Throw Back Mani on the TV Series of GARBAGE PAIL KIDS

All designs were hand painted using KleanColor Nail Lacquer and kiss nail art polishes in white and black for detailing.

Clogged Duane

Elliot Mess

Terri Cloth


Split Kit 


 Hope you all enjoyed.
Feel free to comment or make requests on any throw back cartoons you'll like to see me design.


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