Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This the season to be jolly.

Follow me in Merry Christmas; fa la la la la la la la la :)

Hey dolls and gents, 

I'm a tad bit late with my Christmas treats and I'm just as excited to share them with you as when I first decided on planning my Christmas theme. :)

These nail art designs will definitely keep you in the spirit of Christmas and remind you of some of your favorite cartoons during the holidays.

Don't you feel like singing "Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree" after seeing that cute nail piece, I surely was while I was designing it. :)

By now I guess you'll figured how much I love these two; so when I decided to design them using only acrylic (3d nail art) I was surprised that they came out pretty well for my first time.

I was so excited and with "Santa Clause is coming to town ringing through my headsets I had to add Santa and his leading reindeer to my nail set. I really love how Santa's glasses came out. ;)

How did snoopy get in the mix you say? I was strolling to the mall with my mom and step-dad and in the window showcase of Hallmarks Store there was this beautiful display of all my favorite cartoons and snoopy stood out the most with his cute tummy. hehehe

Need an idea on how to display your Christmas theme nail art designs? 

This is what I did:

This picture doesn't do it justice; but this was super cute will blinking lights my clients couldn't believe was nail art I used to decorate the tree lol they loved the idea.

I also had a Christmas Nail Art Wheel which unfortunately I did not complete but will share the few designs I did.

Cute little gingerbread man

 Hello Kitty, Tweety the bird and Betty Boop all in the Christmas spirit

What's a Christmas wheel without Santa

I guess this Mario brother decided to play Santa this year. lol

Having free time to design nails is a tad different when you have a pair of hands to design. I love my clients cause they always have faith in my creativity even if I'm doing a design for the first time. hehehe

These ladies definitely took advantage of the season and had me go all out in designing their nails.

The crystal rhinestones I used in this design I got it from born pretty store at a cost of US$4.05 for 144pcs

The gold beads I used in this design as well as on the Christmas tree (above) I got from born pretty store at a cost of US$4.17 (it comes in small pks with an empty wheel container to store both gold and silver)

 The Rhinestone Bows on this design I got from born pretty store at a cost of $2.99 for 5pcs

I've placed the links for the nail decorations I used in each design for easy access to the born pretty store website. Don't forget you can use my Coupon code XNSQ10 and get 10% off your entire purchase. Link is in the top right corner of my blog page.

Hope you enjoy the Christmas season as much as I do and don't forget to Let Your Nails Do The Talking. ;)


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