Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Nail Art Designs - Kerly's Artistic Nails

The season of Christmas is upon us and many of us are decorating our homes, offices etc. 
At the last minute some of us dolls take a special day to pamper ourselves and get that fascinated nail design to suit the occasion.

* Here are a few ideas I have always enjoyed doing for my clients on such a Wonderful time as this*
Simple Nail Design with 3D Poinsettia (Christmas Flower)

maybe a more dramatic effect.
3D Frosty the snow man with hand painted snowflakes

have your stiletto nails glam with a 3d Gingerbread-man ;)

Here's another 3D snowman design along with the Stiletto 3D Gingerbread-man design


Simple Manicured white french tips with 3d Gingerbread-man & frosty the snowman

*Have that season finished nails while celebrating the most Wonderful time of the year :D

Monday, November 7, 2011

Craving for candies! How about designing them on your nails? :D 
My inspiration often comes from things I crave, love or just admire.... pretty cool design to try on your nails thou. What do you think?